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August 19
August 19
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(UN-A) Dominic by FleurDeBluear (UN-A) Dominic by FleurDeBluear
EDIT: totally forgot to submit this into the folder OTL im so sorry!

for :iconusagineko-academy: yo! ; o ;


Rose Red Bullet - F2U!Name : Dominic Esklabar

Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Age: 16

Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Birthday: June 3rd

Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Gender: Male

Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Height: 5'5"

Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Weight: 105 lbs

Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Grade level: Third Year/ Grade 11

Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Breed: Alaska Bunny

Rose Red Bullet - F2U!Clubs: ~Decide Later/TBA~

Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Golden stars: 100 Star! 

Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Personality:

Happy | Dork | Friendly | Klutz | Teaser

Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Background: Dominic was born to a musician and an artist in Germany. He grew up playing the guitar and dreamed of becoming a singer and song writer when he grew up. When Domic was young, he was teased a lot for wearing girly clothing. He then changed his ways when his father showed him one of his music videos, feeling as if though the video had influenced him. He got a small guitar from his father and that's when he realized it was his dream to become a punk star. He would stay for hours in his rooms, trying to play the guitar and sing a bit. He was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, and still has it. This made it hard for him to focus on school work and music at the same time, but he managed.

After graduating from elementary school, he decided to attend Usagineko Academy.

Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Likes and Dislikes:

+Punk Music
+Cute Things

-Classical Music
-Violent Things
-Lady bugs they terrify him

Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Relationships: None at the moment! uvu

Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Others:

Has a nose piercing and ear piercings.
- Acts very feminine on some occasions, like to crossdress.
- Has two guitars, one pink and one brown.
- He has a collection of figures from DC and Marvel and he calls them his "babies".
- He can speak German.


Im so sorry this is late!! ono
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if u wanna rp with me,note me ^^" i'll try to respond back when i can o-o
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