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December 4, 2012
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Alfred was your boyfriend, and mostly everyday you would test him, or call him.
It was the day of your anniversary and you wanted to get him something special.

You smiled and texted your boyfriend, wanting to already get ready for your special anniversary date.

You: ' Hey babe. c:'

Alfred: 'Hey back to you babe. ;D'

You smiled and giggled like and idiot, you loved the way he always made a text flutter your heart.

You: 'Happy 1st year anniversary. I'll go buy your gift first then we can meet up, 'Kay?'

Alfred: 'Sure, I also need to buy your gift as well too! c: Of course if my lady would prefer something else? *wink wink*'

You: 'LOL, okay. I'll see you later babe, Love you~!'

You got up and out on the cutest dress you had, and wore your boots. You grabbed your purse and walked out into the sunny day, you walked to the mall and spotted something that caught your eye, it was a speacial addition Captain America set, it was with it was the shield, dvd set, t-shirt, and comic book. You went in and bought it, good thing it was on sale.

You called Alfred.

"Hey babe!"

"Hey Alfie, I'm done buying your gift where are you now?"

"I'm at the mall..I'm guessing your there to, right?"

You giggled, "Yeah..I am there."

"GREAT! Meet me at the fancy resturant!"

Then you two hung up. You walked to the resturant and waited for him, you saw him and waved so he knew you where there, "Alfred!" you called. "Hey babe." he gave you a great bear hug, you two seperated and you gave your gift to him. "Here Alfie, I think you would like it." You blushed and looked to the side. He opened his gift slowly, and his blue orbs widened..."_(Y/N)_..?" he said in a flat tone, "Y-Yes Alfred?" you sad scared, "Marry me?" he was down. on one knee. with a ring.

"YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!" You shouted, and gave him a kiss. "I love you.." He said.

'Best day ever.' You thought.
Alright, nightcore.
Nightcore gave me some ideas..


Anyways enjoy!

Anyways, I'm doing request's as well, so please comment below so I can so it. YAY!
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My reaction instead: "Yeah. Sure. But, I thought you would've of known this by now, I HATE JEWLERY D:<" actually if America spoke in a flat tone I would be scared for my life ._.
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